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These pieces no longer reflect the quality of my animation, but they
seem to be well liked so have found a place here.
The Dreamer - (short film)

This is a 5 minute film that I created in my spare time over about 18 months.

It was my first serious attempt at character animation.

The Dreamer

368 x 288 - 20.7Mb

Finished October 2000

Cheese Emporium

An exercise in comedy character interaction.

Using an audio extract from Monty Python's classic "National Cheese Emporium" sketch.

Cheese Emporium

720 x 480 - 7.7Mb

March 2001

Characters by Pink Elephant


The problems with sawing.

I read that a two man saw was an interesting animation exercise. This is what I came up with.


608 x 336 - 4.6Mb

January 2001

Characters by Pink Elephant

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